Monday, May 24, 2010

New attitudes taken by insurance companies recently

It seems that lately insurance companies have been less likely to settle, meaning that we have been forced to file law suits more often. I think this is a mistake on the part of the insurance companies. They think that doing this will save them money. However, I think it will only cost them more since they will have to keep hiring attorneys to defend against the increase in law suits that will result from their refusal to settle. Unfortunately, the only effect this has is to waste time and money.
Our firm has found that the insurance company will often settle for a reasonable amount after we have filed a law suit. Although it is nice to settle a case without the expense and time necessary for going through with a trial, it still seems like a waste to have to file a law suit and began to prepare for a trial for a case that ends up settling once the insurance company comes up with a fair offer. However, the insurance companies are not always reasonable and refuse to settle in cases where they should know that the injured person is entitled to compensation. And I believe that in the long run refusing to settle these cases will only hurt the insurance companies.

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