Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Slip and Fall cases

Slip and fall cases can be very difficult. That is because there is often a question of fault on the part of the business owners. Usually the business owners try to claim that the plaintiff is at fault for not watching where they are going, even if there are obvious hazards on the floor or other areas of the premise. However, business owners are under a duty to periodically inspect their business to make sure there are no hazards on their property that can cause harm to patrons. This is often where the question of fault comes into play. There is the question of how often inspections should be completed, and how thorough these should be. Because there are often no clear answers to these questions, slip and fall cases often end up in litigation, and don't settle as easily as most personal injury claims arising from automobile accidents. Because these cases are often difficult many attorneys are reluctant to take them. However, at Reed and Mansfield we will not hesitate to take any slip and fall cases where we believe the owners of the business are at fault for the injury, and we are fully prepared to litigate these cases, and have experience litigating several of these cases.

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