Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Personal Injury Practice Las Vegas

I am a partner at the law firm of Reed & Mansfield, and we have handled many personal injury cases here in Las Vegas. One thing that I come accross often is that clients will tell me that they are not the suing type. I find this to be a surprising comment because many times these people have been seriously injured by people who have acted with no regard for their safety, and these same people have treated the people that they injured with contempt, and have the attitude that are free of any blame for what happened even if the facts show otherwise. Although, I find this comment to very surprising I understand why many people make it. Unfortunately, it seems that recently people have begun to look at personal injury law suits to be exagerrated and that the person initiating the suit is just out to make a quick buck. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality most people who are injured in an accident are concerned mostly with paying their medical bills, and being compensated for time lost from work. There is a huge misconception that when someone gets injured they will be entitled to ridicuosly large sum of money that is grossly out of proportion to the injury they suffered. This is not what happens in reality. In reality the overwhelming number of people who initiate personal injury claims are just seeking compensation for the injuries they suffered. This is why everyone should be the suing type when it comes being compensated for injuries that are suffered. People are rightfully entitled to any compensation that will be awarded for the injuries they suffered. We here at the law firm of Reed & Mansfield fully understand this and will do everything we can to ensure that are clients are awarded the largest amount of compensation possible for the injuries they have suffered. Please see for more information. Or please call (702) 343-0494

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