Friday, November 14, 2014

Expenses of going to Trial

       One thing that I asked about often as a personal injury attorney is how much it will cost to go to trial. Going to trial can be pretty expensive. The biggest expense with trial is hiring expert witnesses. In cases where the Defendant denies that they are at fault you usually are required to hire expert witness that can show that the Defendant is at fault. The price for such a witness can add up. Typically they charge at least one hundred dollars an or more, often times much more for their testimony. You not only have to pay them this rate for their testimony at trial but also for their report which lays out their opinion. This report usually takes several hours to complete, and their bill will rack up that whole time.
    However, the most expensive expert witness is almost always a doctor, and most personal injury cases will require a doctor to give expert testimony. These doctors typically charge about 500 hundred dollars an hour for their time, and they must give an expert report. That is why getting a doctor for personal injury case is usually the biggest expense of taking a case to trial.
   On top of the expert witness costs there are numerous other costs such as court costs like filing fees, and the costs of doing depositions, etc. This is one reason why most personal injury cases settle. Neither side wants to keep paying these expenses. These expenses are a very important factor to be taken into consideration when the decision to file a lawsuit or settle a case is being made.

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