Thursday, August 1, 2013


All the news recently about the Bride to be and the best man that were killed in a boating accident shows just how dangerous boating can be. Although people don't really think of boating as dangerous it definitely can be, and this is one reason why boating accidents occur. Many people think if they are just going out on the open water driving a boat it is okay to have a few drinks. These same people may not do the same when it comes to driving a car. Well the problem is that operating a boat in the water can be more tricky that driving a car in the street given how difficult it can be to maneuver, and all the hidden dangers that can be in the water.
Even though it may appear to most people that they are unlikely to hit another boat with all the open water there are so many dangers in the water that it is not any safer or easier to operate boat than a car. That is why it is never a good idea to have a few drinks before operating a boat. Accidents in lakes and oceans caused by drunk boaters occurs a lot more often than people realize, and when they do they are often very severe and end up in death or permanent injuries. Our law firm has experience with these types of cases, and we realize how serious the injuries from boating accidents can be. That is why it is important to operate boats with at least the same amount of care you would use in operating a car or other vehicle, and not let your guard down because you think it's large open water and somehow safer.

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