Friday, December 7, 2012

Automatic Door Injuries

       Injuries that come from an automatic door can be quite complex. People are sometimes injured when an automatic door slams shut on them while they are passing through. Although it seems like the building owner should be at fault for the injury, and bringing a case like this should be easy it is anything but. This is because with automatic doors and similar machinery there will almost always be different companies that installed the door, have done repairs on the door, and/ or did maintenance on the door. Then it can become a complicated issue trying to determine what caused the door to malfunction. Experts may be hired to try to determine this. Then several companies may have to be brought into the lawsuit because it can't be determined who exactly is at fault for what happened.
     Because so much is involved with these cases they require a dedicated, and knowledgeable attorney. So if an injury like this ever happens to you or someone you know be sure to give our law firm a call.

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