Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Daily Herald Article

Elmhurst to pay $4.16 million in personal injury suit

By Daily Herald Report
A DuPage County jury on Friday found that the city is liable in the Nov. 12, 2009, accident in which Joshua Jaeger was hurt.
Jaeger was injured while on a city forklift platform that fell from 16 feet in the air. Jaeger was at the city’s public works garage, 985 S. Riverside, to provide an estimate for a broken garage door. Due to the fall, Jaeger said he fractured his leg and injured his back, according to his lawyer Joshua Weisberg of Rapoport Law Offices, P.C.
According to Jaeger’s lawyer, the jury on Friday awarded the plaintiff $1.86 million for lost earning capacity, $1.3 million for pain and suffering and $1 million for loss of a normal life.
Weisberg said the verdict is a DuPage County record for a nonmedical malpractice personal injury verdict 

This article from the Daily Herald touches on an interesting issue. That is one of sovereign immunity. Some local city and state governments have made themselves immune from lawsuits so that they can't be sued. However, it seems clear that the City of Elmhurst has no such immunity. That is why it is always important to check to see if a local government or state government has made itself immune from a lawsuit if you were injured from the result of some government action or where the government was involved in some manner. 

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